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Halo: Artificial Life by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Two-hundred years after the Halo event, the recovery ship Alliance comes across the remains of the Forward Unto Dawn. After collecting everything the ship has to offer, ONI spooks start moving forward with plans of their own.

Assassin's Creed Writing Meme by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
A series of Assassin's Creed based drables.

Twenty Past the Hour by 3LW00D (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstar
This was done for a contest on another site.

The Rules by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
On a slow day at the Criminal Investigation Department, DS Chris Skelton finds a way to amuse himself.
*UK version of Life on Mars*

Fob Watch by 3LW00D (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
The thoughts of John Smith just before opening the watch in Family of Blood.

Blues Brothers 3000 by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Around the year 3000 two androids have a mishap that leaves them believing that they are Jake and Elwood Blues. On a mission to bring back the music they cross a bunch of cops, some crazy doctor who wants to run tests on them and much more.

The Ultimate Amalgam of Win by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Our english teacher told us to create a knight and send him on a quest...she set herself up with that one. This is what happpens when three students spend the weekend watching James Bond and Doctor Who.

A Day Off by 3LW00D (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
A Short drabble about what happens when Bond is ordered to take a day off...

Return by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Two years after Nemesis, Q sends the now scattered Command Crew of the Enterprise-E, back the time of World War Two, to prevent an event that could change the course of history and keep the Federation from ever having existed. But for the plan to work, they need the help of 'two old friends'.

Bridge Musings by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Picard and Data stand on the bridge and talk as the rest of the crew sleeps. NO SLASH

License To Crash by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
The story about how Elwood got his license to crash and become king of the road.

Memory Lane by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Han Solo takes a trip down memory lane to revisit his "glory days".

Wake Me When We Get There by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Han and Chewbacca are running suplies for the rebellion when they are 'visited' by some 'old friends'

Blues in Japan by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Jake and Elwood get lost in Japan

Summer Blues by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
Fed up with Jake and Elwood's antics the Penguin enroles them in the YMCA. Once there however the younger Blues suffers an accident.

Jailhouse Rock by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
After Jake and Elwood get arrested they are promptly thrown in Jail, once there however they have a battle-of-wills with the Warden.