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Hey, I'm Flash. How do you like me so far?

As you can probably see, I write for many fandoms. I tend to obsess over certain ones, while others I just try on for size then stop writing for. My obsessions wax and wane, so it takes me awhle to get WIPs done, but I do finish all of them! I promise!

Anyway, that's me. I've written quite a few, see if you like any. :D


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Favorite Authors
1. darsynia
Darsy has gotten me to enjoy some very strange pairings. Her writing is wonderful, and she's a great friend.
2. DiehardJavaJunkie14
My favourite Gilmore Girls writer of all time, Java is great with characterization and quite a story teller.
3. Maryilee
One of my favourite fanfic author's ever, Maryilee got me interested in Friday Night Lights and rekindled my love for Early Edition...thanks for that :D
4. Moderndaydrifter
Another of my favourite Early Edition and Friday Night Lights writers (and then some...)
5. Shally_wa