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AN: I just rewatched Shore Leave and decided that every universe needs a Finnegan

“Where’s he at, girlie?” the familiar voice broke through the communications channel Uhura had tuned to. She had just picked up a Klingon distress signal and was practically flying at the successful translation, wondering if Commander Spock would like to hear of it, and she was hardly in a mood to deal with the Irish brat she now knew was standing behind her.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Finnegan,” Uhura said, popping her earpiece from her ear and tucking it away where it belonged before beginning to gather up her belongings, ignoring the laughter that floated up behind her, and the swish of clothes as Finnegan moved around. Though, when she turned, she found that ignoring wasn’t going to work particularly well, as he was now blocking her path out of the room.

“C’mon, Uhura,” Finnegan wheedled. “You know who I’m talkin’ about, now tell me where ol’ Jimmy Boy is!”

“What makes you think I know?” Uhura asked, repositioning her grip on her bag, deciding that humoring Finnegan might actually be the best option.

“Well, he’s always followin’ you around, love, so I figure if I follow you around, I’ll run into him sooner or later,” Finnegan replied, running a hand through his already mussed, dirty-blond hair.

Uhura shook her head. “He does not always follow me around,” she said. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.” She pushed past Finnegan and out into the corridor, walking purposefully in the direction of her quarters.

She could hear Finnegan’s footsteps behind her. She did her best to tune them out, but then the whistling started. It was like Finnegan knew she was trying to ignore him and was doing everything possible to keep her attention on his presence. Which, now that she thought about it, was probably exactly what he was doing. She didn’t give him the response he wanted.

When she reached her door, she thought about just disappearing inside, but she knew Finnegan would try to follow her. She turned back to him, rolling her eyes at the mischievous grin that seemed to always be on his face.

“You aren’t coming in,” she said, sternly.

“That’s all right, Lass,” Finnegan replied, leaning against the corridor wall. “I’m sure Jimmy Boy’ll come by eventually.”

Uhura shook her head and turned away, opening the door and stepping into her dorm room. Her room was dark, and she heaved a sigh of relief, figuring her roommate, Gaila, had gone somewhere for the night. But, when she turned the light on, she found the half-naked Orion lounging on her bed, watching the door expectantly. Uhura cocked an eyebrow (a sign she’d been spending too much time with Commander Spock, she noted), but immediately delved into an explanation of why she was back so early, just happy to tell someone about what she’d heard, even if it was someone who wasn’t very interested.

Except, Gaila seemed oddly more interested than usual. The ‘uh-huhs’ and ‘yeahs’ slipping from her lips were almost forceful, something Uhura recognized from all of the times she’d walked in to find that Gaila had brought someone back to the room. Uhura stopped changing and turned to her roommate, glaring down at the Orion’s overly innocent look.

“Where is he?”


“The mouth-breather hiding under your bed.”

And there he was. “You can hear me breathe?”

Uhura couldn’t say she was surprised to find that it was Kirk, but she certainly wasn’t pleased. First Finnegan and then this? She just couldn’t get a rest.

She was pushing him out the door when it hit her: Finnegan. She really hoped he was still waiting outside.

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