Chapter 2 by kyouen (Signed) - 11 Mar 2009 - 13:29
Love it! I wish there was more though...along with more Moonlight. Ah, well, such is life. Excellent job!

Chapter 2 by cathrl (Signed) - 12 Nov 2008 - 06:05
Did you know both your chapters are the same?

I don't know Moonlight at all, but I cracked up at this. It really does sound pretty silly when she says it out loud. Now I'm wondering which bit of the truth Edward has been economical with and what the backstory is here.

Excellently written and intriguing.

Author's Response:

Chapter issue fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

 Moonlight's a pretty cool show. Handles vampires in an interesting way, IMHO. Glad you like the story.

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