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Summer Nights by misskitten (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstarstar
A short, fluffy future moment for Luke and Lorelai.

Lucky Number Seven by misskitten (Reviews - 0)
What if Kirk hadn't interrupted Luke and Lorelai's kiss on the Dragonfly Porch in "Raincoats and Recipes"? Smutty.

Random Scenes by misskitten (Reviews - 0)
A very random collection of scripts/scriptlets on the everyday life of Luke and Lorelai.

Hangover by misskitten (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
Sequel to "Spin the Truth", we now get an insight on the day after through the eyes of each of the crewmembers.

Spin the Truth by misskitten (Reviews - 1)
It's Kaylee's birthday and she convinces the crew to join her in a fun game of truth and dare, but not completely like we know it. Silly fun.

Damnit Simon by misskitten (Reviews - 0)
A phrase I think most of us has said at one point or another throughout the show. My version of "Objects in Space", what if Kaylee hadn't let Simon just walk away, but rather done something with the situation?

Capt'n Meany by misskitten (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
Simon and Kaylee have been hiding their relationship for a while, so when Mal finally finds out the truth, he overreacts...

Am I Pretty? by misskitten (Reviews - 0)
Sequel to "Pretty Pretty", Leilah wonders if she's pretty.

Pretty Pretty by misskitten (Reviews - 1)
Sometimes an accident can be the best thing that can happen. What if Kaylee wasn't joking at the end of Jaynestown. Simon/Kaylee.

The One Where Rachel Leaves by misskitten (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
What if, in the series finale, Rachel slept with Joey, not Ross? In what way could the episode have gone differently?

The New Life by misskitten (Reviews - 0)
What if Bray wasn't taken by the Technos and instead was there for Amber and the baby... Takes place right after they left the city.

Save him from her by misskitten (Reviews - 0)
What if Jaye and Heidi's confrontation in "Cocktail Bunny" had gone a little bit differently?

Eventually by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 0)
Set directly after Endgame. With Voyager back in the Alpha Quadrant and days away from finally reaching Earth, a budding romance finds a new hope and Seven finds the ultimate experience of humanity she's been looking for. Chakotay/Seven of Nine

I was...We Are by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
The final thoughts of Magnus Hansen before he and his family are assimilated by the Borg. He is a husband, a father...a drone.

The Meaning of Family by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 0)
Spoilers for "3.22 Real Life".  The Doctor learns what it means to grieve and the crew helps him through the transition of losing a child.

Purged by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 0)
Spoilers for "3.16 Blood Fever". What would have happened if Vorik had not arrived.

Beginnings and Ends by thedaringhattrick (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
What exactly happened after the curtain closed on the episode, "Secrets"? This story was written as an introduction to "Young Blades" for those of you unfamiliar with the series, although fans just may find a few surprises too!

The Last Journey by misskitten (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstarstar
Your last day doesn't have to be unhappy. It could be one of those good days, one of those days where you have nothing unsaid, nothing undone and couldn't want for anything more than what you have.