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The Bullies by JAYJAY (Reviews - 0)
Kaycey was just a normal teenage girl in high school. Everything changed when Kaycey's mother decided to get a job in London, England. Aside from her objections, Kaycey had to move. When Kaycey and her mother get to London and Kaycey started school, all hell broke loose. Can Kaycey survive the school work, a job, and the bullies?

Promises Aen't Found at the Bottom of Bottles by Eyeless_soul (Reviews - 0)
Tony's having nightmares and problems with PTSD. Bruce has suffered from PTSD for years. He offers his help.

war of the fandoms by torchwood geek (Reviews - 0)
ww3 has started with an internet argument between fandoms, multiple fandom blog owners Rose and Jazmyn have to run away, will the people they worship in there fandoms help them win this grate war?

Marvel's The Avengers: Green Guy Gone by Draven-uk (Reviews - 1)
Iron Man, Thor and Captain America are about to head off on a mission against Hydra when the God of Thunder notices that a certain big green angry fella is missing.

fucking perfect by torchwood geek (Reviews - 0)
Ianto if feeling down, and dose not think he is good enough for jack.
jack will do anything to show him how wrong he is.

Where were you? by QWERTYsweetheart (Reviews - 0)
The Walking Dead: Daryl breaks down, blaming himself for losing everyone close to them during the war over the prison.

please don't say you love me by torchwood geek (Reviews - 0)
cute janto story based on the song "please don't say you love me" by Gabrielle Aplin.

Spherical Bastards by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 18) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Lupino becomes stricken with a strange ailment that renders him inflated to the point of being completely spherical, something that deeply concerns pub owner Sersy. How can the fat man be removed from the pub if he cannot get through the doors? Meanwhile Mons has developed an unhealthy obsession with his own sister's face. Can it get any worse? Of course it can. Welcome to the 14th "Life on Blansey" story.

Take good care of my baby by QWERTYsweetheart (Reviews - 0)
The Walking Dead: Carol is cradling Judith, thinking about all that she will miss out on being raised in an apocalypse world. Daryl restores her faith.

Carry me to heaven by QWERTYsweetheart (Reviews - 0)
The Walking Dark: Carol his sat back in the closed off room, thinking about the group and her daughter.

Denial by GIDBZQACP (Reviews - 0)
Tony is attracted to Loki, but he denies it in favor of seeing more blood. That is, until he makes a mistake.

Tearing Time by MissTimeWarp (Reviews - 0)
A girl with no memory, a boy in a box. How will they react when time decides to try and tear them apart? Over, and over, they try to overcome the obstacals, but will they do it?

A Horrible Criminal Minds/Numbers Crossover by Eyeless_soul (Reviews - 0)
Exactly what the title says. This is not to be taken seriously. This is what happens when I get bored at the hospital. Just a side note: Sarah Connor from the Terminator is mentioned and so is Jason from the Jason movies.

Nothing Shameful by Eyeless_soul (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
Tony isn't quite acting like himself, Bruce would really like to know why.

The Truth by Eyeless_soul (Reviews - 0)
After the war, B.J. visits Hawkeye. He has something he needs to say.

Second Chances by Eyeless_soul (Reviews - 0)
J.J. has a problem.

Sinister by Dmdragonridr (Reviews - 0)
A young girl is found heinously murdered on the University of Delaware's campus and as usual our favorite hunters show up to solve the mystery. But why are they acting so strange? and why are their names different?

Team TARDIS by Colorora (Reviews - 0)
What would happen if all of the 9th, 10th and 11th doctors companions were in one group together?

Wild Hearts by writeyourname (Reviews - 1) starstarstarhalf-star
I'm Luna. I'm 17. I was born in Chicago. My parents are divorced. I was in a car accident. Lifes were lost. That's the only thing I know. Im not sure of what I am, what I can do or why this is happening to me. I'm afraid of myself, and I'm afraid of what I might do to people. To you.
I'm still finding myself. I've been told it'll take some time, but i guess time is not the problem. The real problem is finding myself before someone-or something- does.

A Traveler's Temptation by Bardugon (Reviews - 0)
Arya, Gendry and Hotpie are reunited and are all heading to Winterfell. It is a long journey with Hotpie having no idea Arya is a girl and with Gendry trying to hide his true feelings for his oldest friend.

A Dance Through Thyme by flute-player56 (Reviews - 0)
An unknown man sends Hermione back to the Marauder's Era as revenge, however, the consequences are far more disastrous than what even he imagines, when Hermione loses her memory of the past. Why did that man do this to her, and what secrets will be spilled? Who is the guilty party?

A love that consumes by LustAndLove (Reviews - 0)
Elena Gilbert loves Stefan Salvatore. No, really, she does! Sure, she's been having more and more late night encounters with his devilish handsome brother Damon and there have been a few kisses and touches, but it's not like they mean anything. Right?

Unexpected Events by GuitarMaster1501 (Reviews - 0)
Buffy and Faith are in love, but just don't know it yet. So when things start happening to Faith will it change the way Buffy sees her, and will they ever confess their undying love for one another!? Set in an AU
Sexual Description between two women

Before the last petal falls by cheshirecat9116 (Reviews - 0)
Once upon a time, there lived a misunderstood princess who was cursed by an Enchantress, an intelligent country boy who desires more than the simple provincial life he leads and a castle full of enchanted objects who spend night and day trying to get them to fall in love before the last petal falls...

Entitled to Love by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 13) starstarstarstarstar
In this fifth Amalie story her formerly paraplegic brother Andrew moves into his own flat, but moving in would prove way more dangerous than expected. The relationship with her sister Adele is also put to the test when something unexpected happens to Adele's daughter Celine. In addition she might have found the rarest thing in her universe: A human being who likes her! And there is a dangerous serial killer on the loose in Amalie's neighborhood! Can the police catch the criminal? That is, if they are not too busy harrassing poor Amalie?