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Veni Mecum by redraposo13 (Reviews - 0)
"Veni Mecum." He smiled, eyes soft.
"What does that mean?" You spoke curtly, your annoyance seeping through your tone as you narrowed your eyes.
"It's Latin." His smile turned to a grin.
"Yes, I know it's Latin. But what does it mean?"
"It means 'Come with me'."
You thought about it, for the briefest of seconds.
And you did.

Eventual Reboot!Kirk x Reader

Video Game Rider: Zan by Marvin-9000 (Reviews - 0)
Ethan was an aspiring, prospective graduate student who loved to play video games as his hobby. Until one night that hobby quite literally turned his world upside down, and dragged him into an unexpected conflict waged by video game heroes against their respective villains and their dimensional beast allies.

Vacation House by gleesmut (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Santana and Quinn take a vacation in a cottage, deep in the woods.

Veterans Day by pronker (Reviews - 0)
Obi-Wan struggles and prevails like the survivor that he is. AU in which Obi-Wan raises the twins on Tatooine.

Violet Hill by SummerBees (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
A young girl named Sadie who's only seventeen and already living on her own with a job at a modeling agency has fallen under the watch of an 'older' man named Benjamin. Benjamin, being so incredibly beautiful, would be the last person you'd expect to be hiding something so weird. Like a jar that contains an entire alternate dimension with fairies and other mythical creatures. When Benjamin meets Sadie, Sadie is everything but happy. She is repulsed by his behavior and wishes he'd just leave her alone. Right as she was about to get him out of her way, he just had to unlock the alternate realm. Now Sadie, a witness to this action, is trapped with Benjamin (and a house full of invisible fairies). Until she agrees to go along with what Benjamin has planned, she must endure every obstacle in her way, including tree beasts in her own backyard and little red-headed fairies out to get her because she 'stole her man'. Life is only beginning for Sadie, in many different ways now.

Van Sweet Van by tpoptarts (Reviews - 1)
I dreamed I was Hawkgirl. (I dream I'm Hawkgirl a lot actually LOL) So I turned it into a fic because it was just so stupid and ridiculous I couldn't help myself. (Warning: NOT intended to make sense. My subconscious is a strange place!) HG/GL, BM/WW

Vulcan: Secrets of the Sand by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 0)
When Kirk and Spock beam down to Vulcan to investigate the recent destruction of a village, they get more than they bargained for. This story is 15 years old. My writing has improved since then, I think. I'm posting it as I review and alter it.

Vacation by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
She needs a break, but she doesn't get breaks. She's the Slayer. [FF100WP No.21]

Vacant Fairytales by JerseyGurl1989 (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
Kiyoko and her family have lived in the same house for five years. Nothing ever seemed to happen in her neighborhood. The vacant lot at the end of the street always fascinated her, especially the rumors. She always heard that the house that once stood there was the scene of a murder. One day, her curiosity becomes too much and she jumps the fence. What she didn’t expect was that on she other side is where she would find everything she believed only existed in fairytales.
This is an Original Anime!

Venomous Kisses by midntviolet (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Ville Valo, a vampire in Helsinki, Finland has fallen in love with a human. How can he get her to notice him without telling her his secret. Will he get her to notice her? Or will he never be able to show anyone the love and tenderness that he is capable of?

Vampires Don't Sparkle by flashforeward (Reviews - 2)
There's a new Chemistry teacher in Forks, and Edward and Bella think there's something strange about him, but he thinks there's something strange about Edward and the rest of the Cullens. AU, Moonlight/Twilight Crossover.

Vigilante by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
A mysterious murder with little evidence to aid the team connects to a series of unsolved murders. And, with Horatio missing, the team is left to puzzle things out for themselves. But the answer to all of this is...unbelievable. Some Eric/Ryan mentioned.

Vodka and Zen by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 0)
Missing Scene 1.06 Powerless Charlie and Dani share a new understanding and maybe even grow a little closer

Veni Angelus by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 0)
Harry and Hermione teach their son the meaning of Christmas.

Victory in Defeat by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 0)
One of Shawn's futures comes true. Watch as Alana makes it a little easier for Tom

View From the Top by DiehardJavaJunkie14 (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
And old friend tells us what it's like to be an integral part of the Luke and Lorelai relationship. JavaJunkie.

Visions by DiehardJavaJunkie14 (Reviews - 1)
Lorelai can't seem to imagine herself married. Who does she call? Takes place during "Red Light on the Wedding Night".

Vulcanitatosis by Bishop T (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
Lyrics of a filksong about an interesting virus human's get from kissing Vulcans.

Vincent by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
Vincent. A mystery. Why did he leave Dorna? Why did he join Solomon? Slightly AU.

Virus - Dix by MonsterMoofie (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Dixie expresses her love to Kel when he falls ill with the Kokee fever virus.