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Realistically Speaking, I Love You by Eyeless_soul (Reviews - 0)
Kon-El kisses Tim. Timothy panics.

Rabbit Girl TF Story by Alex The Bunny (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstar
I LOVE bunnies so much. and I'm a fan of transformation stories and art. sadly, there isn't much bunny work for that type of stuff. so allow me to fill it up! :) This is my first one. Hope you guys enjoy this adorable story

Ranger of Mirkwood by ItalianGuy235 (Reviews - 0)
A Elf from Mirkwood makes her mark on Middle Earth

Renegade Shepard by REDEEMER (Reviews - 0)
What you did not know happened on the ship the Normandy in Mass Effect

Red Velvet Reality by Ayureka (Reviews - 0)
Okay, this may not be a fan-fic, but it is my own story, so hope you like :)

Red Winters by Shamekeeper12 (Reviews - 0)
Long ago, this evil was banished, lost in time itself; but now, a thousand years later, it has returned with a vengeance.
A lone soldier must now discover his roots, keep his promise, and defend the last hope for democracy in a world painted red. This is the generation after. This is the Red Winter.

Rivals by Cassius84 (Reviews - 0)
A short erotic Naruto story

Russian Roulette by Ordinary Insanity (Reviews - 1)
"And then I get a scary thought; that she's here, means she's never lost." Gabriel x OC.

Republic Day by pronker (Reviews - 0)
Obi-Wan suffers, Anakin comforts. Repeat as necessary. Slash.

Return of Albion by Nazomishi (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: In a world far in the future where magic has long since been re-discovered, a young man fights to break his clan of a dreadful curse. This curse however has shown him the true nature of his home land. Imperial Naalia is not the New Albion he always thought it to be. Naalia is a blight on humanity as dark as their enemy Brynn. With society as fragmented as ever and countless people living In fear, will there ever be a new Albion as great as the legendary Camelot?

Rosie Weasley and the Adventures of Hogwarts by Sunshineb93 (Reviews - 0)
We are introduced to the Weasley family as they prepare for Rosie's first year of Hogwarts.

Rumor has it by misskitten (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Kate's thoughts and feelings on the press exposure that comes with being Richard Castle's newest muse. Castle/Beckett

Razor Blade Rage: The First Diary by RazorBladeRoses (Reviews - 0)
Razor blades are her best friends. Blood is more than part of her. The diary/story of a girl who cuts.

Reality by Kitty Hallows (Reviews - 0)
Big Brother 13. Same house, but with different twist. The big brother cast plus one additional member, Mel, deal with the ever-shifting power in their own ways while trapped inside a house for the summer.

Resistance [Revamped] by Libre Comme La Brise (Reviews - 0)
-What hand does fate play when it comes to love?-
In Goten's case, a big one. Goten will love this woman for eternity whether he wants to or not. In spite of that, he will fight against his urges in an attempt to defy fate. What will it take for him to forsake his pride and make her his? Trunks, on the other hand, has the opposite problem. He has gained the unwanted attention of his new, and permanent, house guest. Will he give her a chance or break her heart? Each and every chapter is long & detailed. Not an easy read. Read & Enjoy

Redeeming Repetition by ZENI7H (Reviews - 0)
Contains consensual spanking of a young adult. The sequel to "Healing Hurt". Hinata and Naruto continue to explore their relationship as Hinata risks everything to prove herself to Naruto and to herself.

Reflections and Self Doubts by Lillehafrue (Reviews - 0)
Jeff's thoughts and feelings about his life and his sons at the end of the movie.

Red Things ~for Atilla by DeeXmidnight (Reviews - 0)
A little roses are red poem..,

Roses Are Red by DeeXmidnight (Reviews - 0)
A Zadr version of roses are red. Could also be taken and Saphyre and Pepito. Mostly Saphyre and Pepito!

Respectfully Decline by Jo Pierce (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Indiana Jones writes a letter.

Remember the Alamo by Jo Pierce (Reviews - 0)
Something just wasn't right at the Alamo.

Releasing the Sparrow by amy1om (Reviews - 0)
Sarah Jane asks about Rose.

Resonance by Rydain (Reviews - 20) starstarstarstarstar
A wrong turn leads her to a sleeping town that is not as deserted as it seems. The only way out lies further down a rabbit hole of untold secrets, shifting reality, and waking nightmares. Psychological horror inspired by works such as Jacob's Ladder and the Silent Hill games.

Resolutions Redux by Tikatu (Reviews - 0)
Another New Year, another resolution. Can Brains keep the one he makes? Will the family let Grandma keep hers?

Romulus: Seeds of Unity by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 18) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Set five weeks after the end of Vulcan: Secrets of the Sand - Spock starts to show signs of mental breakdown. Together with McCoy, he leaves the ship to discover why.