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God's Eternal Losers by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 12) starstarstarstarstar
In this 18th "Life On Blansey" story, Drange goes to Thailand with very sinister intentions. Doctor Botoro has created an "anti-drinking" concoction which he and Cat are going to try on Lupino. Arvid desperately wants Jeremy and GG to teach him how to be a bully, so that he can attract the opposite sex. And speaking of the opposite sex, book-smart Jerry meets a dubious girl online and starts dating her, despite Jeremy's vehement warnings. It is time to lean back and witness all the rampant madness from God's eternal losers.

Getting It Right by lovestowrite (Reviews - 0)
After many failed attempts at trying to have a relationship with Andie, it was finally his turn.

Goodbye Cas by Aria Silverstone (Reviews - 0)
*completely made up*
Castiel is dead and Sam and Dean are barley speaking. Dean's life is falling apart and all he wants is his best friend back.

Gone But Never Lost by Emily Rose Pond (Reviews - 0)
When a one night stand leaves Clara Oswald pregnant and single life becomes difficult. How will she cope with a daughter?

Gunslinger X Kunouch by Cassius84 (Reviews - 0)
A small five chapter story of Yuffie and Vincent

Getting To Entasis by pronker (Reviews - 0)
Princess Leia Organa takes a step into a larger world.

Gravitationally Challenged by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 9) starstarstarstarstar
In this 7th "Life on Blansey" story Harald has become the principal of the school of Blansey. Drange has got a new assistant from the Union, a rough educator who takes his job very seriously. In addition to struggling with this menacing assistant, Drange suffers from a mysterious gravitational problem. Meanwhile, in Sersby, Lupino is back in his old ghastly habits while The One and his new companion, the slovenly Renate, travel to Battersby to see a certain newborn freak baby.

Go Back to Bed, Son! by Kyoneko7 (Reviews - 0)
Gray and Lucy are finally expecting to have some alone time after a mission as they have been keeping their relationship secret from their team members. However, when a certain someone shows up, things can only go wrong. Warning! Rated M for some explicit sexual depictions!
GrayXLucy GraLu

Ghost in the Walls by JerseyGurl1989 (Reviews - 0)
17 year old Amber Watson never imagined herself tied up in her brothers world. But, when tragedy strikes, thats just where she finds herself. In a race for survival, she turns to the one person she can trust to solve the mystery she has stumbled into.

Gundam: Mobile Suit Arena by Osiris (Reviews - 0)
Set in an original universe of the Gundam metaseries, the Mars Union and Lunar Federation are once again fast approaching a space cold war. One student is thrust into the conflict, but powerfully motivated by one desire: to protect the people he loves.

Ghost In The Machine by karracaz (Reviews - 1)
Spock falls ill on the way to an alien planet. There, Kirk is kidnapped by a strange, unknown lifeform. Will McCoy be able to help them both before time runs out?

Green Again by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
He's so green it's refreshing...but there's a pull of envy, too.

Galaxies Apart by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
Distance is inconsequential.

Garden Gnomes and Teaspoons by kira66 (Reviews - 0)
When Jack was seven, his mother took his little brother and walked out on the family. Now, thirty-two years later, he comes face to face with his past. How will Jack handle it? How will Eureka?

Gods of Idle Chatter by Marphlets (Reviews - 1)
A subtle yet scathing retort to nay-sayers. ;) (This is an older piece I found attached to one of my Star Trek fics. It was inspired by my main character, Ozhika.)

Ghost in the Machine by TGuess (Reviews - 0)
Is Kirk a damn fool for falling in love with an alien who only comes in sexual heat every 7 years?

Goodnight, Mr. Garak by Jo Pierce (Reviews - 0)
Mr. Garak is drunk, and Dr. Bashir takes him home. It's all completely innocent... would I lie to you?

Gwen's Destiny by BardBruce (Reviews - 0)
Since Torchwood is being rerun on BBC America thought I would add my Torchwood's that was originally on FanLib. This is a poem on Gwen's thoughts early in series two.

Getting By by Allura99 (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
A couple drifts apart.

Give Up by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Every hero has their weakness tearing them down. [FF100WP No.93]

Gray by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstar
Everything is shades of gray, including death. [FF100WP No.19]

Gaspacho Is Not Tomato Soup by Mediatorsk (Reviews - 8) starstarstarstarstar
Change can cause conflict, but conflict can strengthen bonds.

Grey Area by WelshCanuck (Reviews - 0)
What would happen if one of the Charmed One's decided to not fight for good anymore? What if she was offered a chance to do what she wanted..no rules no boundaries? Would she take the chance... but what if one of her sister's was in danger? Then what?

Good Intentions by WelshCanuck (Reviews - 0)
They thought saving an innocent was all it took to keep them from being evil. What if in the end you were wrong,and they gave into their desires and joined evil anyway. An evil that not even the Charmed Ones can beat. Set season 1

Gingerbread Witches by WelshCanuck (Reviews - 0)
A remake of the classic GingreBread House..Three young sisters come across a time where their stepfather needs to get rid of them.. What happens when the oldest does all she can to save her sisters but it isnt enough.