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Drowned Rats (Spock/Chapel version) by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 0)
One-shot. While out of contact with the Enterprise on a deserted colony planet, Spock and Christine Chapel take refuge from the rain, and find fun things to do in front of a log fire. Basically PWP.

Drowned Rats (Kirk/Spock version) by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 0)
One-shot. While out of contact with the Enterprise on a deserted colony planet, Spock and Jim take refuge from the rain, and find fun things to do in front of a log fire. Basically pwp. Rated 18.

DarkCore by metabots44 (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
A Boy is Kidnapped From Earth, and Forced to a Become Living Weapon. Forced To Destroy the very planet he called home...

Denial by GIDBZQACP (Reviews - 0)
Tony is attracted to Loki, but he denies it in favor of seeing more blood. That is, until he makes a mistake.

Doctor Who: Eleven to Twelve by Draven-uk (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Just a short speculative fic about Doctor Eleven becoming Doctor Twelve. I wrote this after learning who the new actor taking over as Twelve will be. Step forward Peter Capaldi. Genius choice.

Dead by Veltrion (Reviews - 0)
Something happened in my house this morning, I was wondering how this chaos started. I had lost my parents, brother and have to take care of my younger sister now. On our way, a friend of mine picked up my phone call..I'm heading right to there with my sister...

Disney High: A Mild to Moderate Dramasphere by Clydeling (Reviews - 0)
Disney High is a relatively normal high school where Disney characters attend as regular teenagers. The story followers some of people's favorites as they venture forth into the dramasphere.

Double Dead by YumiKitsurei (Reviews - 0)
Eddward left his home of the cul-de-sac when his parents began to work in London. While he was there, he grew a hard outer shell and does not tolerate anything anymore. Now he's back to Peach Creek. Will new relationships start with this new formed Edd?

Do I Want The Double D? by YumiKitsurei (Reviews - 0)
Kevin and Edd are now students in Peach Creek high. Kevin is a male teenager who had fallen into the popular guy world. He drank, fooled around, and was generally a jerk to everyone. After Nazz, his best friend who he had a crush on, told him off, he decided that he wanted to change. This starts by befriending the one of the Eds. Double D. Will this friendship turn into something more?

Dark Hearts in the City of Light: A Story of the Shadow World by Draven-uk (Reviews - 16) starstarstarstarstar
Several months after the events of Suffer the Little Children and Claudette is in Paris on the international hunt for a rapist and murderer who's being sheltered from justice by the power of his family. But what should have been a relatively straightforward hunt soon turns in to a journey in to Claudette's own dark past. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, powerful forces are moving, positioning themselves in readiness for what will soon be unleashed.

Do you forgive me? by 1DerfulStyles (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Andrea is finally moving out of Holmes Chapel, and moving to London. Little does she know she is going to see someone she never thought she would see again.

Dinner Date Gone Right by MadameDirection (Reviews - 0)
this is about a girl (you) who meets the boys accidentally...

Death In The Afternoon by pronker (Reviews - 0)
Obi-Wan is ready to die. Anakin isn't.

Dear Niku, by Maico (Reviews - 0)
Follow the story of a young and timid "cat boy" named Niku, who finds himself indebted to a Valkyrie known as Emelline and her best friend Eri. During his escapades, Niku continues to bump into these two and becomes more involved with them than either had intended.
All the while, Niku's tougher older brother is on the search for him along with a childhood friend who joins him in their own share of troubles.
However, behind the colorful assortment of friends, lovers, and rivals lies a much darker story... One that revolves around Niku and a crimson haired boy who stalks him.
A tragic destiny awaits.

Doug Funnie, Grownup Life by SilverLight83 (Reviews - 0)
Ever wonder what ever happened to that kid in the green sweater vest?

Discretion by Jo Pierce (Reviews - 0)
It was hard for Morn - the station's gossip - to keep a secret. Really hard.

Due South: The Mountie And The Monster Mash by Draven-uk (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
It's the end of October and Constable Benton Fraser and his loyal wolf Diefenbaker are on their way to a seasonal party. Things might get a bit weird.

Due South: A Wolf's Self Worth by Draven-uk (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Diefenbaker needs a bit of encouragement.

Diary of a Square Survival by Nightsnipe (Reviews - 0)
A first-person log of Minecraft events. Our hero finds himself in a strange, pixelated world. Now he must survive. Oh dear...

Dead Man [Walking] by LeahlovesSkandar (Reviews - 0)
Skandar Amin Casper Keynes was a local on the Southside of England. One day, while on the way to a new job interview, a drunk driver had taken a wrong turn. Three days after the accident, feeling awkward as if living in a bad dream, Skandar found himself attending his own funeral. After long hard desperate days of seeking attention and resulting with nothing for most of them, he met Janie. But Janie, however, was of the undead, and had been taken in and raised by a gypsy woman for many years of her life. She was the only living being who could see and hear him. Janie’s childhood friend Molly breaks their friendship by claiming that Janie’s mother had cast a “spell” upon her and basically considers her “crazy” after she had tried many attempts to prove that Skandar was actually there. But this in no way really affects Janie. Janie is soon surrounded by a crowd of the dead. Days later, they all gather to a council and plan to have Janie and Skandar marry. Janie overhears their plan attempts to leave it all behind but can’t bring herself to leave even at the perfect opportunity because she has realized that she’s developed feelings and has already fallen in love. With a dead man.
I know the summary sucks, but please, bare with me, I promise the story won't let you down!

Deeply shattered by mandapanda96 (Reviews - 0)
Vanessa Brown had gone through many things in life...she had laughed, smiled, giggled, cried, shouted and yelled; but the one person that was always there for her was her boyfriend. She had thought that he would love her truly and madly and that he would never want to cause her pain. But one day he tells her something that pierces her heart and leaves her...deeply shattered.
Max Spencer. The love of my life, the substance that held me together when i was about to fall apart...or so i thought. Turns out, he tore me apart in the end.

Deal or No Deal by amy1om (Reviews - 0)
Sterling just can't let it go.

Dead Tomarow by KentIsAGoodBoy (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstar
Hikaru and Karou have fun in the Club Room. ;) Yea, I suck at summaries. YAOI!

Dying Lullaby by DeeXmidnight (Reviews - 1)
Zim commits suicide, and Dib loves Zim. What happens!? Read to find out!

Delicious Pain by DeeXmidnight (Reviews - 0)
About Skoodge and Saphyre's love