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Checkmate by Epica (Reviews - 1) starstarstarhalf-star
One woman tries to save New York. But this could mean the end for her.

Change Your Pants by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 10) starstarstarstarstar
Sam, now a pitiful loner shunned by his former friends Arvid, Lake and Jerry, encounters a ghost named Agathe. The Blansey schoolgirls Therese, Desdemona and Matilda unfold an unsolved murder mystery from 1978 involving Drange. It is time for the confrontation of the century as the apt girls play detectives in collaboration with the notorious bullies GG and Jeremy. To make this 16th "Life On Blansey" story even more disturbing, Mons' sister Mathea takes a sudden and dramatic interest in Sam, hoping that his unique affliction can help her with a problem that has haunted her for millennia.

Chocolate by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
When Kirk and Spock are dumped on an unknown planet and Spock inadvertently eats chocolate, things go a little awry. This is a short story, and is complete.

Chosen by forever5 (Reviews - 0)
Chosen follows two teenagers Tyler Washington and Amelia (Mia) Dons as they are forced into holy matrimony by their sadistic President, the only problem is that they hate one anothers guts, what will happen love or death? Please review as it will help me out so much!

Carry me to heaven by QWERTYsweetheart (Reviews - 0)
The Walking Dark: Carol his sat back in the closed off room, thinking about the group and her daughter.

Camo's by Lily Windwave (Reviews - 0)
drabble about Camo's Bar

Come back to me by Milady (Reviews - 0)
One of House's fellows ends up severely wounded and ends up in a coma where he needs to fight his own battle against his own conciousness, while House needs to fight three different battles that involve the chance of losing his medical license, losing his department and losing Allison's trust.

Cry for the Strangers by Topazvixen1981 (Reviews - 0)
Ten years have passed since the events of the Dark Half and Usland has now entered the Fabulous Fifties. Grace and Karnage's daughter Alice discovers love for the first time in her life; while her brother Leo seems to spiral deeper and deeper into a world of madness and perversion. Will the family curse of genetics break Karnage's son once and for all? It seems that only time will tell.....

Chains will never bind me by QWERTYsweetheart (Reviews - 0)
A very brief version of Fantine's story through her eyes as she looks back on where everything went wrong in her last living moments.

Couvade by pronker (Reviews - 0)
Bo-Katan and Satine, in three acts. [characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show, two Mandalorians of differing stripes.]

Cost Of Goods Sold by pronker (Reviews - 0)
Obi-Wan isn't nice anymore.

Cave In by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 0)
Kirk and Spock, trapped and injured by a cave in... Just a little K/S oneshot

Cassopolis Diamonds by Kitty Hallows (Reviews - 0)
*2nd in series of 'Lake Fic'* Tori and Jade return to the lake to find their favorite hang out is going out of business. *JORI*

Can I Keep You Around? by SummerBees (Reviews - 0)
A girl has shaky feelings for a boy, making both feel unwanted and vulnerable.

Changing Up an Old Routine by checkergirl (Reviews - 7)
As Eric and Tami settle into their new life in Philadelphia, they rediscover the passion they left behind in Texas.

Class Project by Kitty Hallows (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
When the two troublesome teens are paired together for a school project, Stevie turns their work into a disaster that could potentially wreck her relationship with Alex. STALEX - Wizards of Waverly Place

Cross Between Lines by LovelyCosplayer (Reviews - 0)
Xerxes Break/ Oc/Oz Story! Please Enjoy! Pandora Hearts Story

Casey Abigail by ThEsTrAL (Reviews - 1)
Join Casey Abigail in an adventure story full of magic and mystery. The question is, who is this girl? becuase she sure isn't what anyone thought she was!

Closest by amy1om (Reviews - 0)
A conversation between Spock Prime and Sarek.

Candy by amy1om (Reviews - 0)
When Sophie was nine, she turned herself in to Officer Bonanno for stealing a chocolate bar while on holiday in Boston.

Clash of Worlds by PheonRen (Reviews - 0)
What happens when magic gone awry unites a post-apocalyptic Earth and Thedas?

Charlies Angels:Letters to My Sister by WelshCanuck (Reviews - 1)
Letters through the years between Jill and Kris. These will be shorts as they are letters between the two sisters about thier lives before joining Charlies Team and cases they have had over the years being Angels.

Choas Contr- What?! by KennyTheWolf (Reviews - 1) starhalf-star
After finally searching for Shadow for 5 years, they discovered he lost his memory when he fell from space. Still trying to regain his memory, Sonic tries to teach him Chaos Control. Shadow does remeber one thing...his love for Sonic.

Chain of Destiny by TAnn88 (Reviews - 1)
A world filled with conspiracy chaos and mystery,Lavinia Graystone discovers her connection to it all and uncovers a history that challenges everything she knows and believes in,a history that even challenges the laws of nature... Reviews greatly appreciated!

Christmas Healing by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstar
Kirk/Spock. Committed to an alien prison, Kirk and Spock share a hot Christmas night on a cold world.