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At the Moon and other Poems by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
A collection of assorted poetry and verse I've written over the years.

Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 0)
Wherein Shades’ feet have a mind of their own, leading his friends into the heart of the darkness infesting the Woods, the house your parents warned you about…

Built For Sin by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 24th novella of "The New One Stories", The One has become a certified nutritionist and has moved back to Bergen. He works in a place called Apple Garden, a country-side facility that treats people with eating disorders. He meets Danica, an 18-year-old girl with severe anorexia. Like him she has a difficult relationship with her parents, who belong to the upper class of Bergen. As a nutritionist it is his responsibility to make an appropriate diet for her. Will he succeed, or will she starve to death in the wealthiest country of the world? Having no place to live and staying in various hotels, he meets Gail and Rosalyn, two young Filipino nurses who kindly let him live with them in a flat that they rent from their employer, the privately owned Red Cross Nursing Home. There are however some people there who do not like his presence.

Screaming Mountain by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 23rd novella of "The New One Stories", The One moves in with the Danish woman Ann on her mountain farm Screaming Mountain. She calls herself a sorceress and gives him access to her world of magic. There is more to her than meets the eye. She is older than she looks, and she has a dark and disturbing secret that will turn his world upside-down. His old enemy The White Angel and his two dead siblings haunt him in his dreams. They want to punish him for what he did to them. Hopefully Ann can protect him from their wrath. On top of all this, he has a bachelor program in nutrition to complete. Is he in over his head? Time will tell.

The Road Entity by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 22nd novella of "The New One Stories", The One is in the city of Leirvik on the island of Stord 90 kilometers south of Bergen, about to take a one-year course in elementary nutrition. His goal is to become a certified nutritionist. This part-time course is heavily compressed, so he has to deliver a lot of papers, as well as having to deal with the abysmal stupidity of his group members. Yet again single after the events of the previous novella "Unborn", he finds solace and friendship with the Danish, artistically inclined fellow student Ann. Meanwhile Miss Nothing continues her political agenda, having now moved to the Norwegian capital Oslo with The One's ex-girlfriend Isis and his sisters Elin and Erin. Is she really intending to overthrow the Norwegian government?

Unborn by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 21st novella of "The New One Stories", The One and Isis are in the city of Sandnes five hours south of Bergen visiting The One's twin sister Elin and her extraterrestrial husband Dwight. It is Christmas 2006, and his other sister Erin has yet to meet the wealthy, but insufferable fisherman Martin and marry him. Now that Director is out of the equation, The One's other mission still remains: Emma must never be born, because her birth in the previous timeline started a catastrophic chain of events. The enigmatic and evocative Miss Nothing makes a surprising appearance and reveals an epic secret which will have serious effects on The One and Isis' relationship, as well as the relationship with his two sisters. And Dwight has invented a device that has shocking consequences for The One's family.

The Concentration Helmet by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 20th novella of "The New One Stories" The One and Isis meet the enigmatic and evocative Miss Nothing. That eloquent, late 20's woman holds a political discussion about a so-called Wealth Ceiling Act; that is, all income and fortune over fifty million Norwegian crowns (roughly £4.5 million) are confiscated by the state to finance a new kind of welfare regime: Basic guaranteed income, meaning that every Norwegian citizen above the age of 18 will get a fixed, unconditional monthly payment from the Norwegian state. This will replace all currently existing benefits (which in their nature are highly conditional). The One and Isis, who have been wage slaves for months, find Miss Nothing's concept highly appealing. If Miss Nothing has her way, it will be the ultimate end of modern-day wage slavery and employees who are at the mercy of their bosses, prisoners in everything but the word. This highly interesting woman's controversial past is also revealed, and will certainly shock the reader.

The Intellectual Acrobat by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 19th novella of "The New One Stories", The One, back in 2006 from his successful time travel, starts working in a temporary employment agency named Red Cloud. The former lumberjack, bartender, barista and pearl necklace (!) now initially finds himself working as an ambulatory caregiver, a Nurse On Wheels. His superior Vivian teams him up with the Registered Nurse Isis, and they travel all around the region to all kinds of clients. As a big, strong man, The One does most of the physical work while Isis has the general medicinal responsibility. Spending so much time together in their new working environment, they soon become more than colleagues.

The Fool Who Tried Too Hard by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 18th novella of "The New One Stories", The One is back in 2006 to make things right. He must find a way to destroy Director before he becomes the business tycoon that he was in the original timeline. However, being virtually the only male student in his university faculty is not easy, and a most embarrassing issue soon starts haunting him. Luckily he finds a possible friend in the kind, funny and interesting Isolde. A violent encounter imprisons him in yet another demon-made Hell, where he meets his former love interest Denise. The two prisoners have to find their way out of this hellish underworld, despite their grotesque condition. Sometimes one can simply try too hard to fix things, and only end up making them worse than they already were.

Pathetic Puppet by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this epic and cataclysmic 17th novella of "The New One Stories", we follow Aurora and her life partner Michelle through the remainder of their lives, in a society that constantly changes, and where a doctor has found a cure for aging. The One's mind is still trapped inside Aurora's necklace, and he spends every night with Josefine in their shared lucid dreams. There is something Josefine is not telling him, though, and he has to learn the hard way that there is only one thing that can destroy pearls and free him from his prison. It might take a lot longer than he thought, though...

Wave of Hate by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 16th novella of "The New One Stories", Aurora's study buddy and flatmate Michelle suddenly starts showing a dark and more seductive side never seen before. Michelle knows something that can destroy all the academic achievements that Aurora has so far attained, and she is willing to pay a big price for Michelle's silence. This also includes her own dignity. Aurora's friend, the aspiring model Miriam and her photographer boyfriend Marcus start an online photo gallery, but a user named WaveOfHate84 viciously and relentlessly trolls the website. They see all their hard work getting attacked by a wave of hate. Meanwhile The One's mind continues to be trapped inside Aurora's pearl necklace in the day, and inside his and adorable Josefine's dream realm at night. However, as time goes by, it appears as if Josefine too has a really dark and scary side.

Saudade - To Mourn the Inaccessible Living by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 15th novella of "The New One Stories", 25-year-old Amalie Prout has been diagnosed with an inherited, fatal brain disease for which there is neither a treatment nor a cure. Her girlfriend Natalie decides to take her home since she does not trust the under-staffed hospital to provide sufficient care for her. Aurora, now wealthy from her mother's inheritance, moves in with the two. As Amalie's condition deteriorates and she becomes completely helpless, the two realize their plight as around-the-clock caregivers. This naturally has a devastating effect on their busy schedules and will lead to Aurora taking an extremely controversial decision regarding her academic career. The One, whose mind is still trapped in Aurora's pearl necklace, is a helpless fly on the wall during the day. At night, when Aurora sleeps, he is in his 'dream realm' with Josefine. He realizes that he misses his old life - in fact he mourns his old life like one would mourn a deceased loved one. The word 'saudade' is Portuguese and means to mourn a living person who is no longer accessible in one's life.

When Wolves Clear Their Throats by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 14th novella of "The New One Stories", The One's mind is trapped inside the pearl necklace of his fiancée Aurora. When he does not show up at work after Christmas, Aurora, his friends and his family report him missing to the police. Being trapped inside the necklace and unable to communicate with them, he helplessly witnesses that the lease of his home is terminated and all his possessions put into storage. To the real world he is dead and gone. However, in his dreams he encounters Josefine. Both of them are lucid dreamers, having acquired the ability to control and share their dreams. He quickly discovers that his and Aurora's sleep patterns are synchronized: When the busy psychology student sleeps, he sleeps. And dreams. A lot. In this 'dream realm' he can have a full life and do things that are impossible to do in his new reality as a beautiful, glittering pearl necklace. But there are dangers ahead... His life as he knows it is already history, but that will also be the case for one of his friends. The saying "when wolves clear their throats" is a Battersby idiom that means "quiet before the storm" - and what a storm it will be!

Faster Disaster by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 13th novella of "The New One Stories" we follow The One through the year 2013, where he is abducted once every month by the evocative and mischievous Galathea from the Andromeda galaxy. He is forced into contributing to raising an army of a new species superior both to humans and to her own species. Yet again his life has changed, and will change, in ways he could not possibly have imagined. How will these changes affect his relationship with adorable Aurora? In a side-story we follow The Old One back in January of 2010, a flashback in which he has been admitted into a psychiatric hospital outside of Vienna after a booze-fueled mental breakdown.

The Myth of Pale Flowers by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 12th novella of "The New One Stories", The One's friend Kamran undergoes gender reassignment surgery to become a woman. The One suffers the consequences of what he did to Henrietta in the preceding novella "Black Sheep Never Bleat". This compels him to yet again seek assistance from Dark One, his dark side that enables him to do things he would never otherwise do. And his relationship with Aurora is put to the test, as his unique affliction and even more unique obligation put him under severe pressure. In a side story we meet The Old One on holiday, and follow his drunken, priceless antics over two weeks in London in December 2009, back in a very dark and vile period of his life.

Black Sheep Never Bleat by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 11th novella of "The New One Stories", The One meets Aurora's parents. Her father, a wealthy and powerful CEO of a big company, derides The One for being "just a barista", and both he and his wife are of the opinion that the giant is unworthy of their daughter's love. Aurora, who is just about to start studying psychology at the university, is being forced to choose between her parents and her boyfriend. The One resorts to drastic measures to persuade her into making the "right" choice. In a twist, he suddenly learns that something he possesses naturally in his body is of extremely high value; although this initially exhilarates him, he soon discovers the dark side of it. In the meantime he and his friend Sheep discover the sad and upsetting truth about Josefine and her relationship with her exceptionally evasive boyfriend.

The Kitchen Revolution by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 10th novella of "The New One Stories" The One discovers that he is not the only one who remembers events from the original universe, the events that sent him from December 2017 to November 2011. Somebody else does, and that person is willing to use that knowledge against him to destroy his new life and his wonderful relationship with young, sweet, highly intelligent Aurora. He also risks being alienated from the friends that he has made in this alternate universe. He seriously risks losing everything. Now the otherwise kind and harmless giant is forced to rely on his skills of manipulation and deception; his rarely seen "dark side" has to resurface - hopefully only temporarily.

The Battle Plan by HimekoUchia (Reviews - 1)
Three Naruto fans from our world enter the Naruto-verse.
What will they do? They will do whatever they please of course! They can not wait to meet all those ninjas!
Start at chuunin exam arc.
A little GaaraXOC, NejiTen, ShikaTema... Maybe some SasukeXOC and mentions of SasuNaru

Warriors : The Promise of the Thunder's Fury Chapter 1 by BearSpirit (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar

More Known, Less Loved by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 9th novella of "The New One Stories", Aurora's flatmate Miriam is released from a psychiatric hospital. Diagnosed with a serious mental illness, her self-esteem is critically low. Denise suggests that she, Aurora and Natalie spend the weekend giving Miriam a make-over in a bid to boost her confidence. With the women busy all weekend, The One, Sheep and Kamran decide to go on a camping trip in the forests of Kerstowe, East Battersby. It is time for deep conversations and male bonding, or, as Sheep calls it, "a cross between Blair Witch Project and Brokeback Mountain".

Aura Attention by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 8th novella of "The New One Stories", Natalie, who dabbles with the occult, invites The One, Aurora, Denise, Sheep and Kamran to her large 19th century house to read their auras. What she reads compels some of them, including herself, to tell a revealing story from their past, the moment in their personal timeline when they decided not to follow the social code and expectations of their entourage. One of the stories is more shocking than the rest. In addition, The One explores the relationship with Aurora in quite unorthodox ways that transcend their mutual love to epic levels. He also makes a disturbing realization about the relationship of Josefine and her exceptionally evasive boyfriend.

The Man Who Disowned His Misery by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 7th novella of "The New One Stories", The One not only starts dating the adorable, 20-year-old Aurora, he also meets three new friends: Fellow Norwegian Josefine Bru, who accidentally hits him with her car. A Polish crane operator called Sheep, who advises him against reading a controversial book. And finally, an Iranian Registered Nurse named Kamran, whom The One and Sheep save from a racist bartender. Love is in the air, not only for the protagonist, but also for the members of his new entourage. Sadly, not everybody gets the love they want and deserve. And how will Denise and Natalie fit into the recovering oaf's new "gang"?

The Girl Who Dreamed of Dancing: A Story of the Shadow World by Draven-uk (Reviews - 24) starstarstarstarstar
World-renowned fashionista, professional photographer and powerful preternatural warrior Katriana Devoe is in Milan, Italy finishing up a photo shoot for Italian fashion magazine In Moda as well as attending the magazine's twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations at a lavish star-studded reception. However an apparent ghost from Kat's past plus an ill-timed plea for help from an old friend back in England threatens to derail her planned glittering evening, engaging her in a race against time to prevent something terrible from happening in the heart of this ancient city.

Legs to Heaven by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 6th novella of "The New One Stories", The One is in his own personal Purgatory. He must endure 1000 days in there, or else he will go back to his very own version of Hell - and the horrors that await him there will make the tribulations of his current prison pale in comparison! This predicament offers him time and opportunity to introspection, a unique opportunity to evolve and strengthen his character, and not to mention come to peace with the awful things that occurred in his dark and difficult past, including what happened to the first girlfriend he ever had and the devastating effect it had on his relationship with his best friends. He just has to avoid his brother Eric's pregnant wife Henrietta's unrelenting temptations and not give in to her under any circumstances! Will he make it to day 1000 or will the tantalizing Henrietta cause him to fail the test?

A Farewell to Oafs by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 5th novella of The New One Stories, The One is back in November of 2011 to attend his brother Eric's wedding, this time to make it right. Oblivious to his time travel and not recalling the cataclysmic events of the preceding novella "The Separation Chair", he finds himself equipped with an amazing gift that makes the women in his life quite titillated, especially Eric's new wife Henrietta and even The One's sisters Elin and Erin. It soon turns out that both Henrietta and Erin have their own marital issues to deal with. Both of them live in opulence, but they pay a hefty price for it. And a dark, disturbing secret concerning Erin will unfold. The One slowly starts suspecting that he has changed quite a bit in what he perceives as a very short amount of time. Maybe the former oaf has finally become an adult, mature and responsible individual!