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Repression by flashforeward (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstarstar
It isn't the first time Spock's seen him like this, sprawled on a chair in the mess hall, flask dangling loosely from his hand, but it is what he believes whatever proverbial "they" the Captain is always mentioning would deem "one time too many."

The Visit by Tikatu (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
Helen gets an unexpected visitor, and some reassurance.

Ice and Fire by karracaz (Reviews - 37) starstarstarstarstar
Amanda and Sarek meet. Is it for the first time?

Devious and Daring Dexter by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
Dexter starts working for Miami-Dade, and finds that his dark passenger has a keen interest in Horatio Cane. Warning: CSI: Miami Character Death.

Marks On Her Wrists by Anna-wa (Reviews - 7) starstarstarstarhalf-star
One teenager had all hurt and little comfort, so she did the only things she thought were right.

Hyperalive by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 11) starstarstarstarhalf-star
An ill-fated business trip to Bristol gets Director a new employee for his shady and controversial business. The One's ego suffers a nasty fall when he unsuccessfully tries to form a rock band. And, a character that has been long dead is mysteriously resurrected... Prepare for the usual abundance of alcohol-drenched madness, gratuitous obscenities and crude humor in this new Hightower Gang story.

Twenty Past the Hour by 3LW00D (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstar
This was done for a contest on another site.

Finnegan by flashforeward (Reviews - 4) starstarstarstarstar
Uhura knows how to kill two very annoying birds with one very effective stone.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery. by Draven-uk (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
It's Buffy's birthday and as per usual it isn't going well. The slayer has her hands full dealing with her traumatised little sister, her mom's illness, as well as a certain besotted platinum haired vamp who thinks he's found the ideal gift to cheer her up. But birthdays for Buffy are hardly ever a happy time and this one especially is making her fear for her future. Where will she be in ten years time? Will she still even be around?

End of our Days by DarkStar (Reviews - 1)
In the wake of the overwhelming truth of her indentity, lost in the throes of an uncertain, altered future, she was torn within a choice she couldn't make. But in the reckoning hour, as she stepped out to reclaim her rightful place, Jean...Phoenix could no longer afford to run from her inner demons - or from her most forbidden desires...

Silk, Feathers and Ink by Steals Thyme (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
An unstoppable force meets and immovable object. Fortunately, there's someone squishy in the middle. Dan/Laurie/Ror, Crimebusters-era AU.

Third Decade Alive by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 6) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Buffy and her remaining friends celebrate her 30th birthday.

Opium and Absynthe by Kerrigan Sheehan (Reviews - 4) starstarstarstarhalf-star
A 1000 word piece inspired by "The Dubliners" by James Joyce and the Sherlock Holmes stories set in the British Empire during the 1880s. Part 1 of a series of 10.

And One to Grow On by Allura99 (Reviews - 4) starstarstarstarstar
Buffy reflects on her life at an impromptu birthday celebration.

A Tale of 'Demon' Rights by epalladino (Reviews - 4) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Trevor Bruttenholm considers Hellboy his son. How much are others willing to respect the status that this gives Hellboy? Do we owe respect to a demon? This is also archived under 'Comics', as this was my first movieverse story to contain distinct comicverse elements. Warning: Epilogue contains movie spoilers. The death of Trevor Broom is canonical to the movie.

Candy and Catechism by Jo Pierce (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
Jake always loved Marshmallow Peeps.

I Am His Death by Joelle Hart (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
An angel meets the infant Anung un Rama, and with an act of compassion sets their destinies into motion; they will one day meet as Hellboy and his Angel of Death

Sorely Missed and Sadly Remembered by Delilah Kelley (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstarhalf-star
My tribute to Severus Snape, my favorite character in the whole HP series. What happened in the aftermath of Deathly Hallows as far as Severus is concerned ? Here’s my relation of the event. Please rate and review, thanks.

Bliss by misskitten (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
A one-shot based on a certain spoiler for the season four premiere. Violet/Pete

My Forever Valentine by theweasleyboys (Reviews - 6) starstarstarstarstar
A little belated Valentine's Day story about my favorite Twilight couple. Hope you all like it.

Obscurum by thedaringhattrick (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
A plot-bunny that bounded into my head after looking at Anna Wa's 100 Fic Prompt List and selecting "break away" as my muse. Original characters for a Forgotten Realms setting.

History Will Remember 'Galactica' by BSGfan (Reviews - 4) starstarstarstarstar
A tribute to the noble ship 'Galactica,' as she continues on to meet her fate in the final ten episodes of the show, starting Jan16th. A companion poem, if you will, inspired by my ode to Admiral Adama poem that was featured on the Fanlib homepage entitled, "The Old Man." To borrow a phrase used by another great ship's Captain, "History will remember the name 'Galactica.'" So say we all...

At the Moon and other Poems by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
A collection of assorted poetry and verse I've written over the years.

Speed Limit by Marphlets (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
(This is a serial that sprung from the short story formally known as "Some Gal.'" More chapters incoming). In the corrupt underworld of racing, three characters try to change the fortunes of the innocent. Speed Racer is pressed to his limit, but he finds allies where he doesn't expect.

Into the Aftermath by MonsterMoofie (Reviews - 4) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Post Season 6. Begins at the end of Derek's surgery.