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At the Moon and other Poems by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
A collection of assorted poetry and verse I've written over the years.

Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 0)
Wherein Shades’ feet have a mind of their own, leading his friends into the heart of the darkness infesting the Woods, the house your parents warned you about…

The Intellectual Acrobat by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 0)
In this 19th novella of "The New One Stories", The One, back in 2006 from his successful time travel, starts working in a temporary employment agency named Red Cloud. The former lumberjack, bartender, barista and pearl necklace (!) now initially finds himself working as an ambulatory caregiver, a Nurse On Wheels. His superior Vivian teams him up with the Registered Nurse Isis, and they travel all around the region to all kinds of clients. As a big, strong man, The One does most of the physical work while Isis has the general medicinal responsibility. Spending so much time together in their new working environment, they soon become more than colleagues.

The Battle Plan by HimekoUchia (Reviews - 1)
Three Naruto fans from our world enter the Naruto-verse.
What will they do? They will do whatever they please of course! They can not wait to meet all those ninjas!
Start at chuunin exam arc.
A little GaaraXOC, NejiTen, ShikaTema... Maybe some SasukeXOC and mentions of SasuNaru

Warriors : The Promise of the Thunder's Fury Chapter 1 by BearSpirit (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar

Tradewinds 20: Into the Woods by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 0)
Wherein a plane wreck is only the beginning of their ordeal…

Tradewinds 19: Dead Reckoning by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 0)
Wherein the erstwhile crew of the Maximum try their hand at bounty hunting, as both they and their host attempt to get new partnerships off the ground…

The Story of Michael Jobin by AlwaysGamer (Reviews - 0)
This is the story of a French man named Michael Jobin. He is my character in the video game DayZ which happenes in a Post apocaliptic world with zombies, survivors and bandits. I play in a hardcore RP server name DayZRP. I base my story on in game RP that happened to me and modify them to make them more realistic.

Edith by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 1)
After Edith's death in Depression era New York, a man makes a startling discovery.

A Sunny Day in Sersby by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 10) starstarstarstarhalf-star
In this 20th and final "Life on Blansey" story, there is literally a sunny day in Sersby, something that freaks out the reprobates of the city of rain, wind and addicton. On Blansey, loathsome Drange becomes a hero when he apparently saves the island from a stinking menace. Toni and Harald, on the other hand, dispute Drange's heroism. In addition, Toni's dearest friend Stephanie has got married to math teacher Felwick, something that does not sit well with her and Denise. To make matters crazier, Arvid discovers to his horror that GG's Thai partner Panny has been hired as a farmhand on his parents' fox farm, leaving him redundant and, in his eyes, prone to disinheritance. With the help of a certain serpentine creature from the underworld, he plots a gruesome revenge. Be prepared for the shocking conclusion of the "Life on Blansey" saga.

Mons Makes an Album by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 12) starstarstarstarstar
In an effort to win a ticket to a Roger Waters concert, die-hard fan Mons agrees to make a Pink Floyd-style concept album in only 30 days. Having no music experience, he gets help from a highly unexpected source. Meanwhile, Drange is banned from Sersy's pub due to his perversion and has to find another place to drink. In a sinister tavern called "The Drunken Viking" he meets an unlikely soulmate who shares his depraved views. Toni Leewater and Stephanie Prout's friendship evolves, and Toni meets Stephanie's free-spirited friend Denise. Who will come out on top in this 19th "Life On Blansey" story?

God's Eternal Losers by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 12) starstarstarstarstar
In this 18th "Life On Blansey" story, Drange goes to Thailand with very sinister intentions. Doctor Botoro has created an "anti-drinking" concoction which he and Cat are going to try on Lupino. Arvid desperately wants Jeremy and GG to teach him how to be a bully, so that he can attract the opposite sex. And speaking of the opposite sex, book-smart Jerry meets a dubious girl online and starts dating her, despite Jeremy's vehement warnings. It is time to lean back and witness all the rampant madness from God's eternal losers.

Moments At Gol by Aconitum-Napellus (Reviews - 8) starstarstarstar
Set after the end of The Search For Spock, a series of vignettes on post-Fal-Tor-Pan Spock

X-Generation, Part I: Dreams, Deals and Decisions by KaiserKris (Reviews - 0)
Many believed that the Mutant Registration Act was going to be an apocalypse in the making. However, there has been a tenuous but real piece over the last few years. Unfortunately, a series of events will soon change all that and make the establishment of a new team of X-Men necessary.

But will they be able to maintain peace in an increasingly divided world?

To Troll a Forum by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
The One is left home alone with horrendous amounts of beer and way too much time on his hands. In lack of better things to do, he starts trolling a forum for Norwegian amateur musicians. This classic Hightower Gang short story was originally published on 1 February 2010 and takes place before the events of "Hyperalive" (April 2010).

Krissie Taylor (Part One) by Makala Thomas (Reviews - 0)
A new online book split into chapters/parts, introducing Krissie Taylor! A part by part continuing story of love, humour and mayhem, Krissie Taylor by Makala Thomas is a great read. Krissie has to deal with her annoying ex, a few family members, friends and her new love, who just happens to be her new boss! She knows it's a bad idea but Titan is irresistible. Could she be in love?

The Black Ghosts by General_Boss (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
There is a blood. A lot of blood. and it's on my hands....

The Haunted Moon of Miel Muwn by pronker (Reviews - 0)
K'Kruhk discovers that a tale may grow in the telling. (extrapolated from Dark Horse comics' 'Dark Times', the 'Fire Carrier' story arc. Any plot point questions cheerfully answered.)

Stroking by pronker (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Obi-Wan accepts a helping hand.

Goodbye Cas by Aria Silverstone (Reviews - 0)
*completely made up*
Castiel is dead and Sam and Dean are barley speaking. Dean's life is falling apart and all he wants is his best friend back.

Lies, Rescue Mission with just a hint of green by Eyeless_soul (Reviews - 0)
Fury sends Natasha and Bruce to locate their missing Hawk. Bruce fears that there are other motives involved.

The Judas Cradle by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 10) starstarstarstarstar
In this 15th "Life on Blansey" story, Lupino ends up in Hell when the Worm lures him there. The teachers and pupils of the school of Blansey suffer under the reign of the handicapped teacher Louise, an abusive sociopath. They concoct an ingeniously evil plan to get rid of her. Meanwhile Sam has made a pact with the Worm in order to gain supernatural powers which he will use to viciously torment Arvid Grimsby. Welcome to another otherworldly story from Blansey and Sersby.

An Anonymous Call by LisaHeartfilia (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
28th February, 2014:
A call came in. There was no name specified, so it surely was not under my contacts list. I couldn't afford to take it, as I was in the shower. Several days after, more calls came in from the same number. It began to annoy me. I began to jump to conclusions, overreact; I couldn't stand it any longer. There are plenty of beings in this world, creating monstrous atrocities, defying the law. This, could involve any one of them.

The Losing Victor by prowriter13 (Reviews - 0)
“I volunteer as tribute.” My eyes instantly found her walking up towards the stage.
I felt like screaming and running but I was frozen in place. I couldn’t move or breath. I just watched as she climbed the steps and walked calmly to the center of the stage.

Want more- read it! Please comment, pretty please

Spherical Bastards by Danomaly1983 (Reviews - 18) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Lupino becomes stricken with a strange ailment that renders him inflated to the point of being completely spherical, something that deeply concerns pub owner Sersy. How can the fat man be removed from the pub if he cannot get through the doors? Meanwhile Mons has developed an unhealthy obsession with his own sister's face. Can it get any worse? Of course it can. Welcome to the 14th "Life on Blansey" story.