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At the Moon and other Poems by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
A collection of assorted poetry and verse I've written over the years.

The Battle Plan by HimekoUchia (Reviews - 1)
Three Naruto fans from our world enter the Naruto-verse.
What will they do? They will do whatever they please of course! They can not wait to meet all those ninjas!
Start at chuunin exam arc.
A little GaaraXOC, NejiTen, ShikaTema... Maybe some SasukeXOC and mentions of SasuNaru

The Triple Psi (Bloodline of Atlantis series book 1) by Wendy Winchester (Reviews - 0)
Imagine you could move things with your mind. Imagine you could predict the future. Imagine you could heal wounds with just a touch. Now imagine that having all these powers at once means the people you love could die. Samantha Harris has foreseen death and she will stop it from happening at any cost but she has enemies who have been after her power since she was three years old and these enemies have powers too.

Shrek and Me by chocolatelove159 (Reviews - 0)
not for kids

Shrek and Me by chocolatelove159 (Reviews - 0)
not for kids

Marvel's The Avengers: Green Guy Gone by Draven-uk (Reviews - 1)
Iron Man, Thor and Captain America are about to head off on a mission against Hydra when the God of Thunder notices that a certain big green angry fella is missing.

Wild Hearts by writeyourname (Reviews - 1) starstarstarhalf-star
I'm Luna. I'm 17. I was born in Chicago. My parents are divorced. I was in a car accident. Lifes were lost. That's the only thing I know. Im not sure of what I am, what I can do or why this is happening to me. I'm afraid of myself, and I'm afraid of what I might do to people. To you.
I'm still finding myself. I've been told it'll take some time, but i guess time is not the problem. The real problem is finding myself before someone-or something- does.

Itachi and the Dango Stick! by HimekoUchia (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstar
Kisame decides to drug Itachi to get him to relax and loosen up. Before long, chaos ensures and everyone gets involved, whether they like it or not. Some want blackmail material, some are entertained and some just really want Tobi to put the scythe down.

FullMetal Legacy by The Phoenix Alchemist (Reviews - 0)
This heartwarming story follows Aaron and Trisha Elric, son and daughter of Edward and Winry Elric, and their lives as the children of the famous FullMetal Alchemist.
Rating 10+ (no cursing but some non graphic violence later in the story)
Fanfiction of: FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Please read and comment!

Renegade Shepard by REDEEMER (Reviews - 0)
What you did not know happened on the ship the Normandy in Mass Effect

Interlude with a Muse by Allura99 (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
My muse stages an intervention.

Harry is Where?! by Remnant (Reviews - 0)
"Albus, what do you mean Harry is in a video game?", Minerva then turned to Severus, "what is a video game?"
Harry manages to do the impossible at only four years old. When his accidental magic reacts to Vernon's punishment, will he ever return to his own world? Spoilers of Books 1-4

Skye's story by Skye (Reviews - 0)
Hikaru and Kaoru tell of a girl they once knew. She was very different. One day, she comes to the Host Club, very much to the twins surprise. The brothers get to know her better, and Kaoru seems to be falling for her, but does she feel the same? A turn of events might change her mind...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Great Xander Harris Avengers Geekout by Draven-uk (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
It's summer in Sunnydale and Buffy, Xander and Willow go to see Marvel's The Avengers, the new superhero team-up movie made by some famous TV guy. After the movie, Xander has a major geek out, much to Buffy's irritation...

Tradewinds 16: Castaways by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 0)
Wherein the crew of the Maximum take another shot at that tropical vacation thing, and Trouble ensues…

Go Back to Bed, Son! by Kyoneko7 (Reviews - 0)
Gray and Lucy are finally expecting to have some alone time after a mission as they have been keeping their relationship secret from their team members. However, when a certain someone shows up, things can only go wrong. Warning! Rated M for some explicit sexual depictions!
GrayXLucy GraLu

Due South: The Mountie And The Monster Mash by Draven-uk (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
It's the end of October and Constable Benton Fraser and his loyal wolf Diefenbaker are on their way to a seasonal party. Things might get a bit weird.

Jump and Fall by writingright (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Ashton's life only really began when he tried to end it, but where life begins so does its complications.

The Turner Fluke by misskitten (Reviews - 1)
Violet's book has a whole other consequence...

Joe's New Look: Sexy Joe and Viewtiful Silvia by ShinnokRaiden99 (Reviews - 0)
When Big John returns to attack Movieland, Joe leaps into action... with the wrong V-Watch.

Trunks' New Look: Babysitting by ShinnokRaiden99 (Reviews - 0)
When Future Trunks travels back to see his friends again, he ends up babysitting Goten and his younger self; one incriminating photo later and he finds himself at the mercy of two children with a twisted sense of humour.

Ash's New Look: Salon Rockét by ShinnokRaiden99 (Reviews - 1) starstarstar
Ash discovers a beauty salon run by two familiar individuals and their pet Meowth. When he decides to check it out, however, they decide to give him a 'complimentary' makeover.

Sonic's New Look: Rouge-ified by ShinnokRaiden99 (Reviews - 0)
Sonic finds himself literally taking a walk in Rouge's shoes after entering her room unannounced.

Dead Tomarow by KentIsAGoodBoy (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstar
Hikaru and Karou have fun in the Club Room. ;) Yea, I suck at summaries. YAOI!

Sticky Notes by KentIsAGoodBoy (Reviews - 0)
What happens when Draco finds something he's not supossed to?