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At the Moon and other Poems by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 5) starstarstarstarstar
A collection of assorted poetry and verse I've written over the years.

Push by Jo Pierce (Reviews - 0)
Bertell Ollman fanfic. In haiku format. I kid you not. This is an image I've toyed with for several years now - representing the dialectic using romantic imagery. Today it finally came to me.
With apologies to Bertell Ollman, with whom I once did the Marxist Mambo. I do not mean to fetishize you… well, not very much. Thanks for the dance lesson.

Can I Keep You Around? by SummerBees (Reviews - 0)
A girl has shaky feelings for a boy, making both feel unwanted and vulnerable.

And, "No." He said by SummerBees (Reviews - 0)
A battered relationship between two teenagers who can't find a common ground in love.

The Book of Hondo by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
10th Anniversary Edition! Now with 13% more typos! Bored in study hall, they started their own religion, and this one was commissioned to write its sacred text, in exchange for becoming their First Apostle. And so it came to pass, the most demented religious book ever written, an epic tale about nothing. (This book containeth more than thy USDA Recommended Daily Allowance of Irony, Unrefined Satire, and Vitamin X, and may cause random side-effects for those who take themselves, or their religion, too seriously.)

Red Things ~for Atilla by DeeXmidnight (Reviews - 0)
A little roses are red poem..,

Destruction by SummerBees (Reviews - 0)
A sister's jealousy has never turned so deadly before.

Psycho's Thirst by SummerBees (Reviews - 0)
The most deadly psycho: One who craves the sight of death or one who craves affection and attention.

Hallmark Holiday by shadesmaclean (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
An appropriately themed holiday poem, brought to you by Consumerism.

Star Watching by Deckard (Reviews - 0)
A poem that began in the last moments as I awoke from a dream. I have never written a poem before.

The Scotsman by Kaycie (Reviews - 0)
The life of a Scotsman. Please review 8)

Body by Kaycie (Reviews - 0)
A possible lyrical verse. Please review 8)

Feud by Kaycie (Reviews - 0)
A variation on a personal experience. Please review 8)

Horseshoes by Kaycie (Reviews - 0)
Song lyrics I wrote. Please review 8)

Hero by Kaycie (Reviews - 0)
About a family friend who means the world to me and whom I admire. Please review 8)

A Belief in Love by Liliedove (Reviews - 0)
Love at young adulthood is hard, but you'll get by...

If You Could See by September Blake (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstar
I wrote this wishing that this guy liked me.

My True Love by September Blake (Reviews - 0)
A poem based on the time when the people of the Dark Ages had an outbreak of the Black Plague

The Inevitable Circle by Deckard (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstarstar
A poem that came to mind as I sat beneath the vine-covered canopy of a long walkway, supported by rows of stone columns in the Italian gardens of a local park. I was reflecting on the death of a close friend's mother, (whom I had just visited) as my daughter and her two friends played among the flowers and stone fountains.

The Promise of the Birdsong by Silas Wilson (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstarstar
A poem about an early fantasy of escape from the tyranny of the actual.

From Penance to a Love by Marphlets (Reviews - 0)
I'm supposed to be on sabbatical, but I noticed I hadn't posted for a while, so I plucked this one from the dregs. Penance personified.

Gods of Idle Chatter by Marphlets (Reviews - 1)
A subtle yet scathing retort to nay-sayers. ;) (This is an older piece I found attached to one of my Star Trek fics. It was inspired by my main character, Ozhika.)

Conquers All by Marphlets (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
All things are subject to Love. Is it a good thing?

Ode To Harry Potter by TheSwedishMystery (Reviews - 2)
An exploding firework of mindblowing poetry dedicated to that young, annoying boy with a lightning on his forehead.

My Art, My World by x_Silver_Starlight_x (Reviews - 1)
I draw...alot....
I had to write a poem for english, grade nine, April 10th 2008