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Lusarth Fauxun by Skywind555 (Reviews - 0)
Roughly two millennia ago, Mana and monsters appeared in the world of Eiruta overnight, forcing all organisms to undergo a selection process; those who could not adapt to the Mana died while the remaining reproduced and lived on. Throughout time, the various races of being- Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Xogs- have managed to coexist without breaking into wars on their home continent of Sholoth, a large land mass covering half the planet. Beyond Sholoth lay the 'Cursed Territory,' where anyone brave enough to venture has never returned...

In a safer part of the world, a young Kai recently turns 11 years old and can finally enroll at the Academy. It has been his life-long dream to become an adventurer, alongside friends, exploring the world and fighting monsters. How could this innocent boy end up abandoning his childhood ambitions and instead end up working for Cascabel, an infamous organization that commits the most atrocious crimes?

Echoes of a lost love by Mancha (Reviews - 0)
Set during the events of "The Incident" at the Swan worksite. Sawyer sacrifices himself so he can set off the explosive to reset time. Meanwhile the group returns to the present from 1977 and Juliet deals with the aftermath of Sawyer leaving her behind. *This is AU.*

The Enigma by The Traveller (Reviews - 0)
Waking up in a strange place is freaky as it is. Now imagine waking up in a whole other world. This is an account of the alternate Earth through the eyes of Tony Velas. The first installation of the Enigma series.

X-Generation, Part I: Dreams, Deals and Decisions by KaiserKris (Reviews - 0)
Many believed that the Mutant Registration Act was going to be an apocalypse in the making. However, there has been a tenuous but real piece over the last few years. Unfortunately, a series of events will soon change all that and make the establishment of a new team of X-Men necessary.

But will they be able to maintain peace in an increasingly divided world?

Denial by GIDBZQACP (Reviews - 0)
Tony is attracted to Loki, but he denies it in favor of seeing more blood. That is, until he makes a mistake.

FullMetal Legacy by The Phoenix Alchemist (Reviews - 0)
This heartwarming story follows Aaron and Trisha Elric, son and daughter of Edward and Winry Elric, and their lives as the children of the famous FullMetal Alchemist.
Rating 10+ (no cursing but some non graphic violence later in the story)
Fanfiction of: FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Renegade Shepard by REDEEMER (Reviews - 0)
What you did not know happened on the ship the Normandy in Mass Effect

The Skeksis Empress by Lord-of-Altair (Reviews - 0)
The first in my "The Dark Crystal of Dragnar" crossover series. How Emperor SkekSo and Princess Mayarie met.

The Miracle Child by AmeliaJessicaP0nd (Reviews - 0)
i'm not good with summaries, it's basically all wibbly wobbly and timey wimey stuff

Harry is Where?! by Remnant (Reviews - 0)
"Albus, what do you mean Harry is in a video game?", Minerva then turned to Severus, "what is a video game?"
Harry manages to do the impossible at only four years old. When his accidental magic reacts to Vernon's punishment, will he ever return to his own world? Spoilers of Books 1-4

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Great Xander Harris Avengers Geekout by Draven-uk (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
It's summer in Sunnydale and Buffy, Xander and Willow go to see Marvel's The Avengers, the new superhero team-up movie made by some famous TV guy. After the movie, Xander has a major geek out, much to Buffy's irritation...

Moonstrike! - v 1.0 by Tikatu (Reviews - 4) starstarstarstarstar
NOTE: This is the original version. It has since been beta'd and is being reposted. It will no longer be updated. Please see Moonstrike! for the latest version and updates.

It is the 2060s, and a line of rogue asteroids has entered our solar system, headed for the moon's surface and the colonies that have been planted there. A group of eco-terrorists is at work, blocking any attempt to save the colonists through misinformation, sabotage, and even murder. The only group with the resources to do the job is International Rescue. It will take all the ingenuity that IR can muster to save the colonies, and they in turn will rely on the support of the Tracy family's public venture... and of its CEO.

Closest by amy1om (Reviews - 0)
A conversation between Spock Prime and Sarek.

Clash of Worlds by PheonRen (Reviews - 0)
What happens when magic gone awry unites a post-apocalyptic Earth and Thedas?

The Lost Twin: Hannah Potter by KairiGokuJr (Reviews - 0)
After the World Quidditch cup ends and the school year begins, Hannah finds her brother thrust into the TriWizard tournament. Alas, Voldemort is coming after them again. But how could she possibly concentrate on that when there's another important question lurking in the back of her mind: Could she possibly have feelings for that slimy, loathesome, irritating, annoying, handsome, kind of sweet Draco Malfoy?

A Boy Named Draco Malfoy by Irvine Cypher (Reviews - 1)
Barely the Sorting Hat had touched the boy's head, but it already spoke. "Slytherin!"

Life At War by Kirstai (Reviews - 0)
The year was 2034 whenever the countries of Europe began to betray each other. The trade that had been passed from Asia to Europe had disintegrated from the decaying tension that had plagued the two continents relations. Democracy had also vanished from the European countries as the age of the monarchy had risen greatly. France was now at the hands of the Polanski family. The Tonatore family had grown quite abundant and now had a dominant hold on Italy. The McGregor family had always had control over Scotland and Ireland and had renamed the two countries the Grandland. And the Jurgens now proudly controlled the country of England and Germany. International tranquility ceased to exist as the four most powerful family’s feud and familiarizing would soon become the bane of all that was peaceful and safe.

Fragile Heart by marcalbabe (Reviews - 1)
This is major Alternate Universe. Its a Leo/Piper heavily centered story with some Cole/Phoebe. Agent Leo Wyatt comes to town looking for his brother's killer. What happens when its the one girl hes fallen for? Will he protect her or will he turn her in?

Gundam: Mobile Suit Arena by Osiris (Reviews - 0)
Set in an original universe of the Gundam metaseries, the Mars Union and Lunar Federation are once again fast approaching a space cold war. One student is thrust into the conflict, but powerfully motivated by one desire: to protect the people he loves.

Blar Trek: The Adventures of the Starship Entertize by MasterAccount (Reviews - 1)
Join Sally and her crew in a Galaxy-class starship Entertize as they explore strange new worlds and new civilizations and battle evil Daleks with the seventh Doctor, Artkis Bulliva.

Byari by RaikouHim (Reviews - 0)
"He did not miss how everyone around them got quiet and stared at him, waiting for him to tell his story. A young boy coming into a village covered in blood alone was a scary thought for most people. To see it with a person’s own eyes is another issue..."

Shattered Pieces by RaikouHim (Reviews - 0)
"She slowly tucked one of her curly locks behind her ear and hugged her jacket snug around her in an attempt to shield herself from the bitter cold and lingering loneliness. A fading memory started to paint its way across the sky, adding a small splash of color. When she blinked, the bright lively colors were replaced by the bleak tint once again..."

A Sad and Sordid Story by The Mudblooded Slytherin (Reviews - 0)
The Sad and Sordid Story of Serena Snape, Spurned Spawn of Severus Snape, That Snarky, Sadistic, Slimy Slytherin.
Snape’s not the worst father in the world, but he’s in the running. Well, none of us really thought he would be very good, anyway. This is the story of one Serena Snape, a Gryffindor with a greasy git for a father. In Which There Is: Snogging! Invisibility Cloaks! Trips to Azkaban! Challenging Stereotypes! Snark! And More!

Ouroboros by Steals Thyme (Reviews - 0)
Rorschach, struggling with the eternal return. Post-Karnak AU. Contains casual bigotry in addition to the indicated warnings; caveat lector.

Not Quite a Memory by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
Something isn't right in the universe and Q has to find a way to fix it. Of course, he also needs his pawns to play their parts properly, but that never happens. Why should Wesley Crusher be any different?