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please don't say you love me by torchwood geek (Reviews - 0)
cute janto story based on the song "please don't say you love me" by Gabrielle Aplin.

Mosaic by Tikatu (Reviews - 0)
A set of drabbles about Thunderbirds and its cast. More will be added as the muse moves. TV-Verse.

Assassin's Creed Writing Meme by 3LW00D (Reviews - 0)
A series of Assassin's Creed based drables.

You Wear This Face by amy1om (Reviews - 0)
Rose sees something in the wardrobe that prompts her to ask the Doctor a question. This features the 9th, 10th, 4th, 3rd, and indeed all the Doctors in some fashion.

Green Again by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
He's so green it's refreshing...but there's a pull of envy, too.

Walking On Air by MacBeth (Reviews - 0)
MacGyver drabble suite. Angst, tag for Widowmaker. Murdoc was the lesser foe.

Two Troubleshooters Walk Into a Bar by MacBeth (Reviews - 0)
Post-Stringer, double drabble. Sam knows a few things Mac doesn't. And it's going to stay that way.

The Price to Live by JerseyGurl1989 (Reviews - 0)
Triela's thought's on Hillshire and what's it's like to be a living weapon.

Dine With Me, the River by Jo Pierce (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
Hospitality kept him poor, despite the profits of a hundred raids.

Mission: Eucalyptus by Lothithil (Reviews - 0)
MacGyver's got a sniffle.

Drinking My Way Across the Pegasus Galaxy by GateGrrl560 (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
I saw the six beverages challenges and thought, hey why not? This is the result.

Where's MacGyver? by Lothithil (Reviews - 6) starstarstarstarstar
An innocent mistake on the part of the bad guys... how could they know?

This is Your Mime on Drugs by Lothithil (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
MacGyver practices his tricks and steals the show.

Relaxation by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
They all just need a break. [FF100WP No.100]

Puzzle by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
She doesn't quite make sense but he'll figure it out. [FF100WP No.98]

Solitude by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
He needs the solitude so he can get back to her. [FF100WP No.99]

Safety First by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
She gets a weapon, just not what she'd expected. [FF100WP No.97]

In the Storm by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
She watches from above at the destruction and it pains her. [FF100WP No.96]

Broken by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
He deserved the pain, every last bit of it. [FF100WP No.95]

Last Hope by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
She wasn't meant to lead. She was the one that did her own thing and usually ended up in trouble. [FF100WP No. 94]

Give Up by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarstar
Every hero has their weakness tearing them down. [FF100WP No.93]

All That I Have by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1)
Near death can bring people closer than they realize. [FF100WP No.92]

Drowning by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Two women with their own struggles. It was never so hard to keep your head above water. [FF100WP No.91]

Triangle by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1)
Some loves last a lifetime. [FF100WP No.90]

Through the Fire by OrdinaryMiracle (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
Even a demon can have a little fun. [FF100WP No.89]