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10 Things That Remind Me Of You by YaoiBatman
Summary: Write a story/drabble involving two characters of Supernatural were one or both characters see or experience 10 things that remind them of the other. Can be slash, general, or m/f. Though I would like to see some slash if you don't mind!!
Categories: Supernatural - Characters: Ensemble

20 facts about me! by DeeXmidnight
Summary: Write 20 interesting facts about yourself! Have a look at mine to get you started!
Categories: Original Creative Fiction - Characters: None

6 Beverage Drabble Challenge by Tikatu
Summary: This is a take off on the live journal community 30 Beverages, but I'm going easy on you! Write a drabble (strictly 100 words!) in your favorite fandom, using your favorite characters (or your not-so-favorite; I don't mind) and each of the following beverages: 1. Water; 2. Wine; 3. Milk; 4. Fruit Juice; 5. Tea/Coffee; 6. Ale/Beer. I figure that most fandoms can handle these six things. Where there's a slash, you can choose one or the other. You can do pairings, whatever you want. The drabble just has to have the drink in it, and must be 100 words. Who will take Tikatu's challenge? Only the brave....
Categories: Cartoons, Books/Authors, TV Shows, Movies, Anime/Manga, Comics - Characters: Ensemble

Apocolypse Heroes by Jordan Lee Burnes
Summary: I want you to pick a hero, any hero, any hero at all... and write a story about him/her and the end of the world. I want the stories to be serious with absolutley no sexual content, love is ok, and no comedy. For refference, go to my area and read my story SUPERMAN NO MORE now get started!
Categories: DC Superheroes - Characters: None

Billy the cupcake by September Blake
Summary: Write a story about a cupcake named Billy and one day in his life.
Categories: Original Creative Fiction - Characters: Ensemble

Break the Cliches! by September Blake
Summary: Just write a completely original story, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT contain the following: A boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back scenario. Dumb parents. Doing something bad and trying not to get in trouble. An antagonist. A good-looking boy. Also, I wouldn't recommend using things that are listed in the warnings.
Categories: Original Creative Fiction - Characters: None

Challenge #1 by Medic20101109
Summary: Johnny, Roy, and two of the most pop singing sensations Julie Lee Shannon and Stephanie Mercer must play matchmaker for multiple groups of very trouble young lovers in order to get their beautiful romantic relationship back on the right track with other before things turn really sour!! can Johnny figure out a solution before it's too late?
Categories: TV Shows - Characters: Ensemble

Character Whumping! by Moderndaydrifter
Summary: It has been proven that authors like to victimize characters within their work, either physically or mentally, or both. Are you one of the many who like to put someone through the wringer when writing out a story? If so, now is your chance to put up your best story in this character whumping contest! To be considered a finalist, it is required that you review half of the stories entered into the contest. There is a word limit of about 30K, so if you have a longer entry you want to submit just let me know on the area to focus on the most! Good luck! I will run this contest through November 1st and voting will open by November 3rd via a poll on the forums. Limit is two entries per person.
Categories: Anime/Manga, Original Creative Fiction, Books/Authors, TV Shows, Movies, Musical - Characters: None

FanNation's Finest Fic by Maryilee
Summary: This is a contest to find the finest story in all of FanNation. There is no word limit, however, if your story is longer than 25k, please post a suggestion of which chapters you want readers to focus on. *Limit 2 entries per person. Grammar, spelling and style will be judged and the finalists will be voted on via a poll. Entry deadline is : Oct 14th. Voting will begin on Oct.17th, to run for 5 days. Voting is in the forums under the Fan Creations board.
Categories: Original Creative Fiction, Books/Authors, TV Shows, Movies, Anime/Manga - Characters: None

Interrogation Challenge by TheSwedishMystery
Summary: Write an interrogation scene and make it interesting. Who is the interrrogated? Who are the interrogators? Is the interrogated guilty or not? Is there a crime committed or did something else happen? This is a challenge that where you really can play around with genres - is the story a crime procedural or a thriller? A comedy or a Kafkaesque horror story? Another part of this is how you can present the story for the reader - from the interrogators POW or the one being interrogated, how you make the reader aware of what has happened before the interrogation etc. Have fun! :)
Categories: None - Characters: None

Methuselah Fruit by MrBillyD
Summary: "Tree of Life" forests have been discovered growing wild on another planet. Large shipments of its fruit are being regularly transported back to Earth. Earth people who eat the fruit become completely healthy, youthful, immune to all illnesses, infirmities and disabilities. They quickly heal from any and all injuries, no matter how severe. A person who eats the fruit can be killed, but that’s just a temporary condition. However, anyone who eats the “Methuselah Fruit” cannot conceive children, unless he or she abstains from eating the fruit for about a week. While this restores the ability to reproduce, it also removes all the other effects, making whoever abstains vulnerable to diseases, infirmities and disabilities, and if he of she is killed, he or she will remain permanently dead.
Categories: Original Creative Fiction - Characters: None

Noir Challenge by TheSwedishMystery
Summary: This is a contest about genre. Write a noir fanfic story or make fanart of your favorite fandom with a noir mood.
The definition of noir: "A story/film/image featuring cynical malevolent characters in a sleazy setting and an ominous atmosphere that is conveyed by shadowy photography and foreboding background music. The noir genre is fatalistic, pessimistic, or cynical in mood and often dealing melodramatically with urban crime and corruption/features themes which are more negative than positive. Film noirs visual style tends to use low-key lighting schemes producing stark light/dark contrasts and dramatic shadow patterning."
For more information on the genre check out for example Wikipedia for more information.
Categories: None - Characters: Other

Police Report Description by Marphlets
Summary: Your mission: take a scene from any of your stories here on FanNation and rewrite all the description into a police report "voice." Example: Star Wars description of Yoda = Suspect is two feet tall, fifty-five pounds, wearing tan robes and green. Police are cautioned. Suspect is considered armed and dangerous. (Basically just a list of attributes.) It's meant to be fun, funny, and remind us that writing good description is anything but mundane.
Categories: Real People, Original Creative Fiction, Books/Authors, TV Shows, Movies, Musical, Anime/Manga, Comics, Cartoons, Games, Historical - Characters: Ensemble, OC, Other

Song Stories! by not Ross
Summary: For all music lovers out there! Try writing a story -- as long as you want -- based on one or more of your absolute favorite songs! You can include the lyrics in the story or just base it on themes or even just a few lines of the song! I love music, and so I'm going to be trying this right along with you! Check out my short stories if you're stuck. P.S. it could also be a fanfic if you want
Categories: None - Characters: OC

The Fail by Lily Windwave
Summary: write a story of a character from anything. but they have to do someting that makes the readers go 'epic fail' when it happens
Categories: None - Characters: Ensemble

The Fanfic Temporary Employment Agency by Jo Pierce
Summary: In my story, "Pops," I created a Fanlib Temp Agency, where fanfic characters go to look for work. They sit in a waiting room, waiting for us to call up and give them some work to do. For this challenge, take two or more fandoms, as unlikely as possible, and have them meet at the Fanlib (or Fanfic, or FanNation)Temp Agency... The best stories will be added to the Fanlib Temp Agency Series.
Categories: Original Creative Fiction - Characters: Ensemble, OC, Other

Unblock This Story by MrBillyD
Summary: All of us have stories that are incomplete. They go just so far, then they stop, and we can’t come up with a single idea, of how to go any further. This is called “Writer’s Block.” This challenge asks writers to post any of their helplessly incomplete stories, to see if someone else can come up with an ending of his or her own. To avoid any legal disputes, only fan fiction stories should be entered. Do not enter anything that is completely original, so as to avoid any problems concerning copyright violations.
Categories: TV Shows - Characters: Ensemble, OC, Other

Unlikely Pairing Challenge by TheSwedishMystery
Summary: Take the two most unlikely characters in your favorite fandom and make them fall in love in a believable way.
Categories: None - Characters: None

Virtual World by September Blake
Summary: Write about if you and your friends got sucked into your favorite virtual world game. Don't play virtual world games? That's fine. You're probably better off than those who do. Don't have any friends? Then you need to get off this little nerd website and go meet people!
Categories: Games, Real People - Characters: None

Your Mother's Mind by September Blake
Summary: Write about what you think goes through your mother's mind. No direct cuss words!
Categories: None - Characters: None