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Leftovers by Wendy Winchester (Reviews - 0)
Dean is suddenly realizing that when he was a demon a few things changed...and those changes stuck. - Destiel. No smut, just romance.

Sinister by Dmdragonridr (Reviews - 0)
A young girl is found heinously murdered on the University of Delaware's campus and as usual our favorite hunters show up to solve the mystery. But why are they acting so strange? and why are their names different?

The Walls that Bleed by Impossible Girl (Reviews - 0)
"That's not the weird part. Apparently, the walls killed her," Sam says.
"Then, I guess we got work to do," Dean responds.
(the story is better than the summary, I promise.)

The Man without Faith by Impossible Girl (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarstar
The man without faith walked into the church and got on his knees before the statue of a deity he wasn't even sure existed. And he did it all for his brother who was lying motionless in a hospital bed, where he could be taking his last breath.

When it Rains by writerwry (Reviews - 0)
With both his father's death and brother's destiny haunting him, Dean finally gives up hunting for good. Or, at least until the problems he's running from track him down.. Humor/Drama/Agnst, plus a whole lot more! Enjoy :p

I'm Not Even Gay by GayForBam (Reviews - 0)
Dean struggles to come to terms with his feelings for Cas.
Spoiler Warnings from Season 7 & and character reference from Season 8

There, The Eyes by HeadlessNed (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
End-verse. AU-but-not-AU. Cas/Dean. It might develop into more than a one-shot? Darkish. Lots of references. ...there needs to be an insanity genre.

Russian Roulette by Ordinary Insanity (Reviews - 1)
"And then I get a scary thought; that she's here, means she's never lost." Gabriel x OC.

Psychic Unnatural by LadyWinchester (Reviews - 0)
The Winchesters meet a headstrong hyperactive psychic named Lady who uses her abilities to see the future to her every advantage, including when she hunts witches and wiggles into their lives. Lady has devoted her time hunting down a coven of witches after she was rescued by Bobby and John as a teenager, trying to find a way to save herself from the deadly curse she was given. When she meets John's sons and begins a rocky friendship as they help each other with their separate goals. Follow Lady's exploits as she hunts witches, bonds with the brothers and falls head over heels for Dean.

Till Death Do Us Part by Lillehafrue (Reviews - 0)
While enroute to another job, the boys stumble across a routine haunting. But when is anything routine for the Winchesters?

Seeds of Discontent by Lillehafrue (Reviews - 0)
Sam and Dean try to pick up the pieces after exorcising Samhain. A missing scene from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester."

Unreal, Surreal, Too Real by EternallyEnchanting_ (Reviews - 0)
Dean wakes up to find himself trapped, locked away like a caged animal, all around him the echoing screams of the monsters he had caught. But where the heck was he? And who had trapped him there?

The Respite by Lillehafrue (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
After a rough hunt, Sam and Dean stop at a roadside bar and find help in an unexpected place.

Where the Rules Don't Apply by flashforeward (Reviews - 0)
It was just another hunt, another city, but this city is different and Dean and Sam aren't quite prepared for just how different. This is Dean Winchester's account of the days he and his family spent in Eerie, Indiana.

Loba by sweethoneylashes (Reviews - 0)
A fellow hunter (OC) from Puerto Rico runs into the Winchester boys -big surprise. But a bummed ride after their initial encounter becomes much, much more.

Doubts by flashforeward (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Castiel struggles to clear his mind after the encounter with Gabriel awakened numerous doubts. Set after 5x08.

Lightness and Darkness by UThnkUrFunny IThnkImAdorable (Reviews - 0)
AU Mary and John adopt two boys named Sam and Dean, who have been severely abused and refuse to be separated. However these boys may turn out to be more trouble than they're worth.

Daddy's Little Girl by Dreadedfemale (Reviews - 3) starstarstarstarstar
Sam Winchester gets a visit from an old "friend" in the middle of the night causing history to repeat itself and sending him on a years long journey that will give him new insight into the mind of his father. Starts in the near future.

Play it Again Sam by Dreadedfemale (Reviews - 0)
He's bleeding AGAIN. It seems like that's all Dean does anymore. Sam and Dean hunt a goblin near a school with some dire consequences for one of our intrepid heros.