I Just Want You by Impossible Girl (Reviews - 0)
She never let her emotions get in the way before, but sometimes, emotions are so powerful they refuse to be ignored. She has lost so much in her life, but Kate Beckett has learned to love again.

Make It Out to Kate by Impossible Girl (Reviews - 0)
Not a day went by when Kate Beckett didn't cross Richard Castle's mind. She said she needed time, but months had gone by. The hope that she would ever return was fading fast.

Rumor has it by misskitten (Reviews - 2) starstarstarstarhalf-star
Kate's thoughts and feelings on the press exposure that comes with being Richard Castle's newest muse. Castle/Beckett

Photographic Evidence by flashforeward (Reviews - 1) starstarstarstar
Esposito wore a dress, Ryan wants photographic evidence.